Halle Berry Tweets In Reference To Jared Goff After He Names Play After Her

Halle Berry Tweets In Reference To Jared Goff After He Names Play After Her
Source: BlackSportsOnline.com

Over this past weekend, the 24-year-old NFL player, Jared Goff, got the attention of Hollywood actress, Halle Berry, following his team's defeat of the Seattle Seahawks.

During the game between the Hawks and the Los Angeles Rams, the quarterback called an audible play to the rest of his team called, "Halle Berry."

The name of the play, named after the actress, eventually garnered a response from the longtime Hollywood celebrity. Berry took to her Twitter over the weekend and stated, "hold up. What is a 'Halle Berry?'"

According to ESPN, Goff laughed to reporters as they told him about Halle who tweeted about the play. He said, "wait, hold on, are you serious? She heard it?"

Later on, Goff said on Twitter that it was his "favorite play ever." Their offensive tackler, Andrew Whitworth, mocked Goff's excitement, writing on Twitter with two monkey-covering-eyes emojis.

Dan Orlosky tweeted, "easy there young fella." Goff was bragging about Halle Berry's tweets in the locker room to some of his teammates, and he explained how quiet it was on the field when he yelled out the name of the play.

In a tweet which you can see above, the sounds on the field are easily heard, and one can hear Goff saying her name out loud. His coach refused to later tell reporters what the play meant, but it was definitely a compliment. He said, "she's a very attractive woman that players know," and it's related to it.

As most know, Halle Berry is considered to be one of Hollywood's most iconic actresses, not only for her skills on the screen but for her good looks. Everyone in the entertainment and sports industry takes their shot at Halle, including Trey Songz.

Last year, Trey said he would "slide into Halle Berry's DM's for the culture," but unfortunately, Halle later said in an interview that she didn't even know what that meant. She said, "I don't know what that means, 'for the culture.'" It looks like she wasn't interested, but at least he tried.

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