Halle Berry Shows Off Stunning New Tattoo And It's Massive!

Halle Berry Shows Off Stunning New Tattoo And It's Massive!
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The 52-year-old actress just got a massive new tattoo that cascades beautifully down her entire spine! It’s definitely not subtle!

Halle Berry took to social media to show the permanent body art she got and it is safe to say fans are in love with the design!

The star posted a pic of her without a top on with her back turned to the camera and while the shot would have been impressive anyway, due to her enviable shape, it is safe to say that her new tattoo was the detail that really grabbed all of her followers’ attention.

It is a black ink tattoo that looks like some sort of vine going down the entirety of her spine.

‘Who says I’m not a mermaid,’ Halle wrote in the caption.

It looks like the sultry photo was taken in the kitchen as Halle was cooking herself some eggs.

While she was topless, the Hollywood star did wear a sparkling skirt that looked like the colorful scales of a mermaid's tail, hence her caption.

She also made sure to post the same pic on her Instagram Stories, adding mermaid and oceanic emojis.

Later on, the woman went on to post a clip of her ‘heath snacks,’ as a voice, probably one of her children, could be heard saying in the background.

The said snacks included a plate filled with vegetables as well as a bowl of fruit.

Another ‘great snack for kids’ that she featured was kale chips.

As fans know, Halle Berry never shies away from showing off her impressive body online as a way to encourage people to work out and eat healthily.

That being said, her page often features some of her workout routines and healthy snacks like the ones mentioned above.

Of course, she couldn’t have done it without her personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, whom she has credited with helping her get into the ‘best shape’ of her life.

Back in January, Peter was on The Doctors and while there, he stated: ‘Halle and I are training comfortably about five, sometimes six, times a week. She’s the hardest working actor I have ever met in my entire life. She is a real-life superhuman superhero.’

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