Halle Berry Responds To Haters Online Who Trash Picture Of Her Son Wearing High Heels

Halle Berry Responds To Haters Online Who Trash Picture Of Her Son Wearing High Heels
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Halle Berry is doing her best to raise her kids during the coronavirus pandemic, however, a lot of people on social media apparently aren't happy with the way she has been living her life. Halle posted a video of her 6-year-old son, Marco, walking around her home while wearing some of her shoes.

The Oscar-winning actress captioned the clip, "Quarantine Day 12." Despite the fact there were many positive remarks in the comment section, there was a healthy amount of vitriol as well.

One person wrote in the comment section, "I hope that's the daughter," in reference to Halle's other child, Nahla, who's 12-years-old. Berry finally responded to some of the haters by stating it was just "harmless fun," and that she and her family are just trying to "survive right now."

As most know, Berry is no stranger to haters online. Mel Walker reported on the 29th of March, 2020, that Berry was slammed by a group of vegan activists online when she posted a photo of herself holding a meal which some took issue with.

In the make-up free photograph, Halle is sporting a colorful headscarf along with a keto recipe: a cheesy bacon ranch chicken. The star wrote in the caption, "welcome back to another fitness Friday, quarantine edition."

A social media commenter took issue with Halle's meal on account of the supposed health detriments of it, citing ancient and out-of-date data on cholesterol and saturated fats, notably, that both of these elements are bad for a person's health, despite recent evidence to the contrary.

An additional commenter claimed she was posting a picture of something that was "not only unhealthy," but unbelievably cruel and mean to animals. The commenter wrote that she was "eating a corpse" and making animals experience pain unnecessarily.

Regardless of the social media squabbles, Berry's career and fitness routine have been as strong as ever in the last few years, including her recent role in the latest installment of the John Wick franchise, as well as her regular workout routine.

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