Halle Berry Laughs At Cocktails With Queens Comments On How She Sucks In Bed

Halle Berry Laughs At Cocktails With Queens Comments On How She Sucks In Bed
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During a recent episode of Cocktails With Queens, Halle Berry was the subject of a conversation between the co-hosts, Vivica A. Fox, Claudia Jordan, and Syleena Johnson. Page Six says the podcast started with a discussion on whether Toni Braxton was good in bed.

The 47-year-old, Jordan, explained that she thought Toni managed to get in bed with a lot of "fine men" during the height of her career. Lisa claimed she and the other women don't actually know what's going on in the bedroom, however. "It could be like Halle Berry ," Lisa remarked.

Jordan went on to ask her whether she was insinuating that Berry sucked in bed, and she said it was what she heard. Halle Berry must've caught wind of what the woman had to say about her because she retweeted an article about the Cocktails With Queens episode.

You can check out one of her tweets above. As for the co-hosts of Cocktails with Queens, the women never responded to Halle Berry 's tweet.

Fans of Berry know her sex life has been in the headlines a lot over the last month, including when she spoke about her first orgasm at age 11 during an Instagram Live chat. As for who she's dating lately, Halle has been seeing Van Hunt, and prior reports have stated that she's really in love with him.

Van Hunt and Halle Berry have reportedly been dating for around six months, and insiders have discussed their relationship publicly before. A source who spoke with Hollywood Life shared that Halle is very happy with her relationship, and there is definitely a lot of love between them.

Berry and Van Hunt recently took a trip to Montreal, Canada, where they began filming her latest project, Moonfall. While Halle's career continues to do well, the star's relationships have been in the headlines repeatedly over the last few years.


Halle has been married multiple times, and her failed marriages have ofte been the butt of jokes.

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