Halle Berry Is Called Disingenuous For Saying This To Women -- The Oscar Winner Fiercely Takes On The Critics

Halle Berry Is Called Disingenuous For Saying This To Women -- The Oscar Winner Fiercely Takes On The Critics
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Halle Berry took to social media to share yet another inspiring post with her millions of followers and ended causing a fascinating debate. The Catwoman star opted to focus on the true definition of the word beauty.

Halle, who was celebrating International Women's Day, told women that they do not need to be beautiful -- instead, be smart, angry, funny, and talented.

The Monster's Ball actress captioned the post: "The female experience is complex, and the women of my #UltimateWarrior playlist with @applemusic speak multitudes to that experience on their OWN damn terms. This #IWD2020, check stories for a sneak peek at these unbelievable female performers and click the #LinkInBio to listen and let that warrior OUT! Happy #InternationalWomensDay!!"

Many rushed to call Halle disingenuous for her message because she is a former beauty queen who is stunning, and her looks played a part in her impressive career.

One person stated: "A woman does not have to be pretty. It's not what's on their chest but what's in their chest."

Another commenter claimed: "People who have been called beautiful their entire life know how shallow and empty those words become. I sure do. We are more than our shells. And what lies within will eventually become your essence, your aura. We need to teach our daughters not to compete and love themselves for greater things."

This person shared: "You are right! There are many positive attributes to have other than being attractive to others. However, it’s still nice to be in the top like you a natural beauty I get it your point the beauty can’t just stop there. It must be inward with beauty in your strength, wisdom, spirituality, etc."

Halle was quick to answer back: "exactly why I can say this. Physical beauty is overrated! You feel me. ♥️🙏🏽"

She went on to say: "The point I’m making is you have strived to be more than just that! ♥️🙏🏽"

This critic stated: "What's wrong with being beautiful? Plus, Halle Berry is someone who makes a living off of being beautiful, so this meme is well-meaning but somewhat disingenuous coming from a glamorous movie star.😕"

Halle did not hold back and had this answer: "It was not at all disingenuous ! “beauty” only travels you so far in life. I have worked hard to be more than just that. The point of the message is to let us strive to celebrate and cultivate all of who we are. I don’t pretend to own the truth; this is just my humble opinion. Blessing to you and Happy Woman’s Day.♥️🙏🏽"

This is a debate that can go on for a while.

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