Halle Berry Gives Fans An Eyeful Of Her Killer Curves In Bed Selfie While Wearing Ellen DeGeneres Boxers

Halle Berry Gives Fans An Eyeful Of Her Killer Curves In Bed Selfie While Wearing Ellen DeGeneres Boxers
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Halle Berry has given people so many reasons to follow her on Instagram: sweet photo of kids, sexy workout videos, and legendary style inspiration photos that often go viral, and not forgetting uplifting messages.

This week, Halle delighted fans with a sexy bed selfie where she is wearing a tight white T-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts from Ellen DeGeneres.

The 53-year-old fitness enthusiast used the caption to say this was her 25th day in quarantine, and she has nothing to do.

She wrote: "Chillin’ in my #Ellen’s, waiting on my next to nothing appointment. #QuarantineDay25 😂."

A fan told her: "Hello, gorgeous Halle Berry hope you are keeping safe and healthy🙂❤️So sorry, Halle! Stay hopeful. Nothing good or bad lasts forever! Even on an overcast day, the sun is still shining!!"

A second commenter stated: "Today, I did 65 weeks of fitness exercises. Take good care of yourself and your children Miss Halle Berry.🙏🏽💪🏽👊🏽"

This follower shared: "Right, absolutely nowhere to go! Ah, chilling is perfect 👌🏾Ur one of the most beautiful women alive good luck."

A fourth backer suggested: "Come party with us at Club Quarantine with D-Nice. You are our unofficial leader. 😂🤗 Congrats on turning in that first cut...MAJOR!!! We are celebrating virtual but really celebrating when this is over. 🥳"

Another social media user shared: "So you are just going to be bad af till you 75 or whatever then huh...aieht you right my fault 🙏I hope you are safe and healthy. Sending you love and positive vibes. ❤️🙌🏻"

Halle recently posted a fitness-inspired photo with the following message: "Better late than never 😉 - Happy #FitnessFriday! #quarantine is a bitch! This week has been extra crazy for me... I just turned in the first cut of my film and directorial debut #Bruised tonight!! 🍾 Excited to celebrate, but for now, I want to take it all the way back with you. So tonight, I have something extra special - check #IGTV for Fitness Friday Classics! These are my and @peterleethomas’s favorite workouts from the past two years. Take a walk down memory lane, take these workouts into the weekend with us and get ready to feel the 🔥🔥🔥🔥- Most importantly? Stay home, stay clean, and stay FIT AND HEALTHY!"

Halle has become a role model for fitness fans.

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