Halle Berry Calls Out Instagram Troll Who Mocked Her Over This Beautiful Photo

Halle Berry Calls Out Instagram Troll Who Mocked Her Over This Beautiful Photo
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It is not rare for a celebrity to get trolled for various reasons, and Halle Berry is no stranger to that herself.

She has been on the receiving end of some nasty comments recently, and while it looks like they have been mostly isolated to a small group of people, it is still a noticeable trend.

It does not look like Halle has a thin skin though, as she has been doing a great job responding to her haters and putting them in their place recently.

The troll decided to chime in on a photo of Halle holding a butterfly in her hand, and talking about the beauty of life.

Someone pointed out that her hands looked a bit aged, comparing them to those of a construction worker.

The stunning mother of two fired back with "I knew somebody was gonna crack on me," followed by a waving hand emoji.

Some of her fans have taken this as a subtle jab at the troll, pointing out that she was likely making a pun on the word "crack."

Still, whatever the original intended meaning behind the message was, one thing is clear -- Halle has no intention of succumbing to her trolls and is always ready to fire back at anyone calling her out.

Most comments on her photo have been positive anyway, and trolling attempts like this one have been a rare case.

At least, it does not look like Halle is dealing with anything more than a celebrity of her status these days.

They do say that when a butterfly lands anywhere near or on you, it is a loved one who has passed telling you they are watching over you.

The Oscar winner brushed off the exchange and went on to share this post about working out: "Good morning and happy #FitnessFriday! Whether we like to admit it or not, recovery is an ESSENTIAL part of our fitness journey. Can’t do one without the other, simple as that, and it’s a lesson I’ve learned the hard way. So today’s #PHITTalks will cover all of your recovery based questions. We’ll be talking sore muscle recovery, achilles’ injury rehab, chronic fatigue, leg cramps and why when you’re sick you need walk away from the equipment, sit ya bun bun’s down and chill! Check today’s IG stories & IGTV for more and enjoy your Friday! (📷 @grantlegan)"

Halle's clap-back has gone viral.

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