Halle Berry And Van Hunt ‘Inseparable’ - Here's Why She's So Happy With Him!

Halle Berry And Van Hunt ‘Inseparable’ - Here's Why She's So Happy With Him!
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According to some insider reports, Halle Berry and her new man, Van Hunt , have been spending pretty much all their free time together and apparently, the actress is head over heels with the artist!

Fans know that Halle Berry and Grammy-winning singer and songwriter Van Hunt have been a romantic pair for about six months but now, one insider has details about their relationship.

The source shared with HollywoodLife that the actress is very happy with the singer and that they have been ‘inseparable’ the whole summer!

Of course, now that fall is here, that is not to say that things are over!

In fact, they are getting closer and closer by the day and they’ve taken their relationship to Montreal, Canada where she is currently filming for her latest project, Moonfall.

‘Halle and Van have been together for almost six months and so far things couldn’t be better. She’s very happy with him. She wasn’t looking for anything when they got together so it really took her by surprise but in the best way. She seems to be very serious about him, they’re pretty inseparable. She’s working on a movie in Montreal right now and he’s there with her,’ the insider stated.

Fans were left guessing by the actress for a while, only giving hints but keeping the man’s identity under wraps.

That was until, at some point, she just didn’t want to hide their romance anymore and the insider explained that ‘Once she realized how happy she was and what a great guy she’d found she couldn’t help but share the news with her fans.’


‘She’s very serious about him, he’s met her kids and her close friends, he’s got everyone’s seal of approval. Everyone thinks he’s a great match for her. Halle respects him so much as an artist, she’s a huge fan of his music so even though she is the more famous one there’s no imbalance, she’s very starry-eyed over him,’ the same insider dished.

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