Hailey Bieber States Her Purpose Is Bringing "Jesus" To The Modelling Industry

Hailey Bieber States Her Purpose Is Bringing "Jesus" To The Modelling Industry
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According to a report from Fox News, Hailey Baldwin, or as her name is now, Hailey Bieber, is doing what she can to bring the love of Jesus Christ into the modeling world.

During a chat with Natalie on NOW, the new wife of Justin Bieber discussed a number of topics, including religion in the modeling industry, as well as what it's like to continuously compare oneself to others. On the Hillsong Channel, Bieber admitted she often feels as though she's not good enough.

Based in New York, the star regularly attends Hillsong Church with her new husband, the international pop star, Justin Bieber, who hails from Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Hailey said her "ultimate purpose is to represent Jesus."

Natalie Manuel Lee, the host who spoke with reporters from Fox News, says that Bieber has been talking about what it truly means to be a person who finds their purpose and meaning in life. The theme of their new show is to "learn more about themselves and how to unlock their true potential and purpose."

According to Hailey Bieber, when she's working as a model, everything about her image is "fabricated," so she often tries to show the real person on her social media accounts. Hailey says she has a "fun goofy side" that she wants the world to see.

Hailey admitted she was aware of the contradiction between her faith and modeling because they appear to be diametrically opposed to each other, both in motif and in appearence. For one, a big part of her job revolves around - according to her - vanity because of the focus on her "body and face."

However, truth be told, it's a job she does, and it doesn't impact her love and care for Jesus Christ. In other words, her job doesn't counteract against her profession. As most know, Hailey comes from a long line of Hollywood performers, including Stephen, Alec, and Daniel Baldwin.

Her family is notorious for not only being extremely successful in the entertainment business but also for their religious convictions, which many of them hold quite dearly. As for how Hailey deals with the pressure of fame and the continuous comparisons of herself to others, she says that God made her so she knows that she's enough.

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