Hailey Bieber Is Stunning In Cult Gaia Serita Dress, Rolex Watch

Hailey Bieber Is Stunning In Cult Gaia Serita Dress, Rolex Watch
Credit: Source: Hailey Bieber/Instagram

Hailey Baldwin Bieber shared a new photo slideshow of herself on her Instagram account that is getting plenty of attention due to her gorgeous outfit . Wearing a Cult Gaia dress called the Serita, in the color sand, Hailey shared several photos with her 27.7 million Instagram followers who immediately responded in the comments and praised the 23-year0old for her stunning look. Taking photos outside against a picturesque scene of palm trees, blue sky, and sand, Hailey posed with her hand across her forehead, as she tilted her head to the side and gave the camera a sultry look. Her jewelry was on full display and Hailey wore a number of statement pieces that stood out, such as her Rolex watch.

Hailey's dress costs approximately $458 and is available in additional colors such as ivory. For earrings, Hailey wore Jennifer Fisher earrings called Gold Baby Kevin hoops that cost about $450. She wore several necklaces including the Sagittarius Zodiac Coin Pendant with Diamond Frame by Anita Ko. The luxury necklace costs approximately $8,200. Hailey paired it with the Herringbone Chain Necklace that costs approximately $150 from Fallon Jewelry.

The large ring on Hailey's finger is the Oval, diamond engagement ring by Solow and Co.

You may see the photo slideshow that Hailey Baldwin Bieber shared with her followers below.

Check out Hailey's Rolex watch below. Hailey has quite an expensive jewelry and watch collection.

Here is a close-up of the necklaces that Hailey Baldwin Bieber wore.

Hailey has been enjoying her downtime with Justin Bieber since the Coronavirus pandemic hit and resulted in subsequent lockdown. Hailey and Justin first rode out the pandemic in Canada but has since returned to Los Angeles and the couple has been vacationing. Hailey took a brief trip to Italy for work where she did a photoshoot with Bella Hadid.

Since returning, she and Justin have vacationed again and she continues to share photos and videos from her getaway. What do you think about Hailey Bieber's recent outfit?

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