Hailey Bieber Cuts A Casual Figure After Justin Bieber Went To The Mountains Alone To Pray

Hailey Bieber Cuts A Casual Figure After Justin Bieber Went To The Mountains Alone To Pray
Credit: Source: Hailey Bieber/Instagram

Some fans have been worried for Hailey Bieber since Selena Gomez released her song "Lose You To Love Me." The fear centers on what they believe is her husband's continued feelings for his ex-girlfriend. After Justin went to the mountains to spend time in prayer and reflection by himself, some "Jelena" fans are wondering if Justin may be having second thoughts about ending his relationship with Selena the way he did. Justin and Hailey seem to have a strong, healthy marriage and the couple only renewed their vows on September 30, 2019. They have been married for one year, having married in a New York courthouse in September 2018.

Still, some fans think that Selena's song and her putting such intense feelings about her split with Justin out in the open is bound to cause him to think and reflect upon their past relationship.

If Hailey Bieber is worried, she doesn't seem to be showing it. Hailey was spotted out with her stylist, Maeve Reilly on Tuesday looking gorgeous.

Hailey was wearing a black, silk pantsuit by Alexander Wang and carried a stylish bag by Staud. Hailey is back to work and looks stunning.

You may see the photos that Hailey's stylist shared on her official Instagram account below.

Though Hailey looks gorgeous, and though Justin Bieber went to the mountains for some prayer time and things seem fine with the couple, there are also many fans who think that Hailey Bieber is trolling Selena Gomez online.

After Selena's song came out, Hailey shared in her Instagram Story that she was listening to a song called, "I'll Kill You." Selena's fans didn't take this lightly and the trolling, comments and attacks on Hailey came fast and swiftly. Hailey had to respond to the outrage to say that she wasn't intending it towards Selena (she posted a tweet then deleted it) but Selena's fans weren't buying it.

Many of Selena's fans think it is best for Selena to keep a safe distance between herself and Hailey Bieber at all times!

What do you think? Was Hailey's posting of the song she was listening to a coincidence or do you think she is trolling Selena Gomez?

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