Hailey Bieber Became The Face Of Victoria's Secret Summer Campaign

Hailey Bieber Became The Face Of Victoria's Secret Summer Campaign
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Some time ago, under pressure from the public, Victoria's secret brand abandoned its famous show and "angels, "proclaiming a policy of diversity and inclusiveness.

However, for the new summer advertising campaign, the brand invited a girl with ideal parameters-Hailey Bieber. But who cares when the pictures turn out so bright and juicy.

Hailey presented a colorful black and white swimsuit and bright light green glasses and did not forget about her home look, demonstrating a white cotton lingerie set and cozy socks. Victoria's Secret summer collection of swimwear and lingerie is already on sale.

In a previous post, Sometimes female rivalry competes with everything else, but the situation is much, But the situation is more complicated when you are a world-class star.

So, Selena Gomez apologized when fans saw one of her TikTok videos as a sign of an unfriendly attitude towards her ex-wife.

But of course, we are talking about Haley Bieber and the famous pop musician Justin Bieber, whose romance played a unique role in the singer's life.

"That's why I believe in taking care of your mental health. Guys, I don't understand what I did, but I'm sorry—no bad intentions. I'll delete it soon," the 29-year-old star said in response to criticism in a screenshot posted on Twitter.

She then disabled all comments in the controversial video section. But, of course, we're talking about the video of Hailey Bieber , who posted a series of tick-tock videos for the song Get Ready With Me.

A few hours later, Gomez shared a video of his skincare routine but rolled his eyes at the entire video, which some people considered "objectionable." Viewers filled the account with strong statements about it.

In her opinion, it betrays the fact that she is a performance loser who openly ridicules other women, and the singer rolls her eyes throughout the video for some reason.


who openly mocks other women, and the singer rolls her eyes for a reason throughout the video.


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