Hailey Baldwin Talks Starting A Family With Justin Bieber - 'That's A Closer Reality'

Hailey Baldwin Talks Starting A Family With Justin Bieber - 'That's A Closer Reality'
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The supermodel is opening up about her marriage with Justin Bieber and their future together! Ever since she tied the knot with the singer, Hailey Baldwin has remained pretty silent about their romance and plans for the future, but now, in a new interview for Vogue Arabia, she even talked about having kids with Bieber.

The 22-year-old made it very clear that starting a family is one of her dreams in life.

‘I love kids, and I cannot wait to have my own. I'd say now that is a closer reality,’ she told the outlet.

But even though she mentioned it is something that now may become reality since she is married and Justin wants to have kids as well, the magazine noted that she is not planning to welcome a baby soon.

The model also discussed her newfound level of fame that has increased after marrying Justin Bieber.

Hailey explained that she stays away from social media most of the time these days and that helps keep her life balanced.

That being said, according to the model, while she was born in a famous family herself, she had a pretty normal upbringing.

‘I got to have a normal childhood and normal teenage years. I did not start getting recognition of my own until I was about 19. There's some ‘normal’ things I never did - like go to college - but I think I was able to learn to have a schedule, to be on time, and to be responsible, all because I started working at 17,’ Hailey told the magazine.

Do you think Hailey and Justin should have a baby right away or not?

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