Hailey Baldwin Shows Support For Hilaria After She Reveals 2nd Miscarriage

Hailey Baldwin Shows Support For Hilaria After She Reveals 2nd Miscarriage
Credit: Source: HelloGiggles.com

According to a report from Page Six, Hailey Baldwin expressed her support for Hilaria Baldwin following her revelation that she endured her second miscarriage this past year. Hailey, the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, commented on Hilaria's video announcement.

The 35-year-old Mom Brain host revealed late on Monday that she lost her baby in its fourth month. Back in September, Hilaria and Alec revealed they were expecting their fifth child together, a baby girl.

In the video, Hilaria explained that she never thought she would get the news that her baby had passed while at the routine scan.

Hilaria added in the video that she wanted her fans to know that even though she and her man aren't doing alright right now, they'll feel a lot better in the future. As it was previously reported, Hilaria had her first miscarriage back in April of this year.

Reportedly, Hilaria revealed her experiences for the sake of attenuating the stigma associated with miscarriages among other women's issues. Hilaria isn't the only celebrity to experience a miscarriage and be honest about it.

Shay Mitchell, as well, has revealed her stories of miscarriages. Reported by People, the actress opened up about suffering through a miscarriage in 2018, and opening up about the first time she had one.

The 31-year-old Pretty Little Liars actress shared several photos from the past year from her IG Story. The actress shared one picture showing an ultrasound along with a broken heart. Mitchell posted an additional message in the following slide about how social media can mislead people about what others are going through.

With that said, however, she takes a lot of comfort in the fact that her fanbase of 20 million followers on IG makes her feel a lot better. The Pretty Little Liars alum described it as "hugely uplifting," which is hardly the most commonly used term to describe the treatment of celebrities and other public figures on social media platforms.


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