Hailey Baldwin Is All For Justin Bieber Giving Up His Career, Source Says!

Hailey Baldwin Is All For Justin Bieber Giving Up His Career, Source Says!
Credit: Source: glamour.ro

Justin Bieber’s career has already reached all possible highs, but it’s the hardest to fall from the very top right? That being said, one new insider report claims his new wife, Hailey Baldwin is not at all worried a break from music will affect him. In fact, the model believes he really needs and 'deserves' the hiatus right now.

The first outlet to share the news that Justin would be leaving behind his stardom to focus on ‘a season of self-discovery’ was People!

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife how his life partner reacted to that choice and more!

Apparently, ‘Hailey completely supports Justin’s desire to take a break from music and is actually very happy about that decision. Hailey realizes that Justin's been under a lot of pressure for most of his life and she thinks it'll be very really good for him to just slow down for a while. She sees how hard Justin's been working for years now and she is relieved that he recognizes when it is time to pump the brakes.’

After almost a decade of dominating the charts, all that Justin wants is spend some quality time with his wife.

The insider added that the model has nothing against that idea since ‘Hailey loves spending every single moment with Justin and it would be like a dream come true to have him travel the whole world with her while she is working.'

That's right! Hailey is not planning to put her own career on hold too.

‘Hailey thinks Justin really deserves a break, but her career's taking off now more than ever, so she is determined to keep working on her modeling.’

Finally, when the time comes for Justin to come back to the stage and the recording studio, ‘she’ll support him through that, too. She is so happy and in love with him that as long as he is happy, she's happy too.'

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  • Ednamarie
    Ednamarie Nov 16, 2018 11:08 AM PST

    Justin Bieber will always miss and love Selena Gomez that's what he's missing

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