Hailey Baldwin Changes Her Instagram Handle To 'Hailey Bieber!'

Hailey Baldwin Changes Her Instagram Handle To 'Hailey Bieber!'
Credit: Source: people.com

It’s official! The model has changed her name on social media to reflect her married life! Hailey Baldwin’s handle on Instagram is now ‘Hailey Rhode Bieber.’

The 21-year-old made this step just a day after she also rocked a denim jacket emblazoned with her new last name at a party!

It seems like Hailey is really embracing her married life with Justin Bieber!

But that’s not all! As fans may know, just last month, she also trademarked her new last name in order to start a clothing line supposedly under ‘Hailey Bieber!’

She also reportedly registered ‘Hailey Baldwin’ and ‘HRB3,’ all under her own company, Rhodedeodato Corp.

Hailey and Justin Bieber tied the knot in secret back in September but were caught by the paparazzi entering a NYC courthouse by themselves.

Soon after, a source shared with ET that ‘The two kept their marriage a secret from many people. Justin and Hailey wanted to just be married and did not want to wait. Justin and Hailey were telling people they were not married when they were.’

Of course, it’s expected that the two will also have a proper wedding with their close friends and family members as well as a religious ceremony since both are so dedicated to their faith.

Hailey and Justin have been pretty happy and excited to be husband and wife.

In an interview for Harper's Bazaar, the model gushed over her man, saying that ‘He is incredible. He crushes everything. Every song, every feature. It’s crazy to see what he does. I am always blown away.’

But regardless of how much she seems to admire his talent and successful career, Justin is said to be going on a hiatus! For more about that, click here!


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