Hailey Baldwin Bieber Is Sensational In Reformation

Hailey Baldwin Bieber Is Sensational In Reformation
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Justin Bieber shared a photo of his wife Hailey Baldwin Bieber in a Reformation dress while wearing a pair of sneakers and the look has gone viral. Hailey was seated on the couple's sofa looking very comfortable while wearing the Roberta Floral Midi dress. Reformation is a sustainable and eco-friendly company that utilizes various methods to ensure their garments are responsibly made, packaged, and shipped. Hailey looked stunning in the Roberta Floral dress and you could even see her face mask still dangling from her ear as she rested on the sofa. Hailey left multiple buttons on the dress open and showed off her long legs while wearing a pair of Air Force 1 '07 Nike sneakers. Fans immediately praised Hailey's look and many wanted to know who made the dress that she wore in Justin Bieber's Instagram story.

This wasn't the first time that Hailey had been photographed wearing Reformation. She's a fan of the brand and has worn multiple dresses on her Instagram account.

You may see the photo that Justin Bieber posted to his official Instagram story featuring Hailey Baldwin Bieber in the Roberta Floral Midi dress by Reformation below.

You may get a better view of Hailey in the outfit in the enlarged photo below. Justin's legs are also in the picture as he is taking the photo and sharing it online. Justin Bieber frequently shares his love for Hailey Baldwin Bieber on his social media accounts and sometimes he leaves sweet messages for her on Instagram while she's asleep, with the knowledge that when she awakes, she will see his love.

You may see more about Justin Bieber declaring his love for Hailey Baldwin Bieber online here .

You may see another photo of Hailey Baldwin wearing the Gavin dress in the petunia, floral print below by Reformation below.

Here is a photo from the official Reformation Instagram account of a model wearing the same Roberta Floral Midi dress that Hailey Baldwin Bieber was wearing in Justin Bieber's Instagram stories.

What do you think about Hailey Baldwin's style? Do you like the Reformation dress? Are you a fan of Hailey's look?

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