Hailey Baldwin And Justin Bieber - Model's Uncle Hopes They Won't Rush Into Having Babies!

Hailey Baldwin And Justin Bieber - Model's Uncle Hopes They Won't Rush Into Having Babies!
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Hailey Baldwin’s uncle, Billy talked about the model’s marriage with Justin Bieber during a brand new interview! Chatting with HollywoodLife, the man revealed he would prefer if Hailey did not rush into having kids already!

While in attendance at Byron Allen’s Third Annual Entertainment Studios Oscar® Gala Supporting the Children’s Hospital, Billy Baldwin made it very clear during the interview that he hopes his niece and her new husband will wait to become parents.

The man also explained the reason why he thinks it is better for them to wait.

‘I want her to enjoy her married life with her husband for a couple of years in her 20s before they rush into that. I told her, ‘Don’t rush into that’. It’s great to be young as a parent, but it’s different now. You don’t have to be 23 or 24 years old to chase around kids in their diapers; you can do that when you’re 32, 33, 34… As a dad, I mean come on, my brother is 60, so you can be in your 30s or 40s, you don’t have to be 23,’ Billy told a reporter from the news outlet.

It sounds like he has no reason to worry, however!

As you may remember, Hailey mentioned before that after marrying Justin she started taking birth control.

Has she taken her uncle’s advice? Either way, the main idea is that the model is not planning on having kids anytime soon.

Just like Billy said as well, priorities for people in their twenties nowadays are much more different than in the past, and it only makes sense that Hailey would want to focus more on her career for a while.

Do you agree or do you think the newlyweds should jump straight into starting a family?

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