Hailey And Justin Bieber Reportedly Spent Half-A-Million On Their Wedding Ceremony

Hailey And Justin Bieber Reportedly Spent Half-A-Million On Their Wedding Ceremony
Credit: Source: Celebrity Insider.org

According to a report from E! Online, Hailey and Justin Bieber just got finished celebrating their second wedding in the state of South Carolina among their close family members and family this past Monday. The celebrity couple threw a bash for their guests, which included some of the biggest celebrities in the game, and they even screened the cult film, The Notebook.

As fans of the couple know, Justin and Hailey first got their official marriage license in a New York City courthouse in September of 2018. Not long before the ceremony, an insider who spoke with the aforementioned outlet claimed they were beyond thrilled to exchange vows in front of their closest friends.

The insider went on to say they it was "important to have the religious ceremony before God." Moreover, since they first got their wedding license, the source added, their love for each other has only grown and intensified.

Reportedly, their wedding ceremony was surprisingly not that expensive, accruing a total of a half-a-million dollars. The ceremony accommodated 150 guests and didn't fall short in terms of amenities for the guests.

Reported earlier in the month by Nick Markus, Justin apparently couldn't get enough of his beautiful bride, as he took to his social media on a number of occasions to show off Mrs. Bieber. Fans were entirely convinced she was "all-natural."

It's not only Justin Bieber who finds her beautiful either, as her pictures accrued more than 2.5 million likes in less than 24 hours. Hailey later responded to her husband's compliment, stating, "Making a girl blush over here."

While their ceremony went off without a hitch, reports surfaced from Page Six late last week that some of the fellow guests at the South Carolina hotel were displeased with the fact they couldn't use the amenities as they expected, including the spa and pool.

The hotel offered to compensate guests by either giving them a new date to come back and stay or refunding their visit altogether.

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