H.E.R. Gushes Over Working With The Obamas On 'We The People'

H.E.R. Gushes Over Working With The Obamas On 'We The People'
Credit: Source: people.com

The talented singer opened up about working with the former POTUS and FLOTUS on their We the People Netflix series. With that being said, H.E.R. called the experience 'life-changing!'

As you might have heard, Michelle and Barack Obama produced an animated civics show filled with educational songs for the younger generation and a number of well known names have lent their voices for the tracks, including H.E.R.!

The series will have a total of ten musical episodes, each around three minutes long and is set to be released tomorrow, July 4!

The tracks will be dealing with a number of different civics lessons so that kids can learn more about the constitution, their rights and more!

The other artists working on the project aside from H.E.R. are: Brandi Carlile, Janelle Monáe, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Bebe Rexha, KYLE, Adam Lambert, Cordae, Amanda Gorman and Andra Day!

As for what H.E.R. had to say about the unique experience of working with the Obamas, she told ET that 'It was exciting more than anything, it made me want to, you know, kill it because of them being attached and being part of it. It's like, wow, you know, I'm a part of something the Obamas [did]. It's kind of life changing, you know?'

The artist also talked about a potential live concert alongside all the talent involved, which might just happen at some point depending on how well the series does.

As it turns out, H.E.R. is definitely not against it and she would be down for performing her song on stage.

'Anything for We the People. Anything for the Obamas, honestly. Anything for the Obamas,' she gushed.

The singer told the news outlet that it's really crucial for youngsters to get more involved in social and political issues and why and also explained what We the People is so important to her, personally.


'Sometimes you think, 'I would like to believe my generation and younger, we're going to set the tone for the future and it's up to us to be informed. I think kids are going to start being more proactive and not reactive and really take control of our future. And we'll learn from those things that we learned in the past, and make a difference and make a change when they know that they can -- that they have the power to -- and this project is going to empower people. I mean, it empowered me,' she said in part.


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