Gwyneth Paltrow To Finally Move In With Husband Brad Falchuk — Couple Has Been Married One Year

Gwyneth Paltrow To Finally Move In With Husband Brad Falchuk — Couple Has Been Married One Year
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'The times they are a-changing' and that includes what constitutes a modern-day marriage and celebrity marriages to be exact. Take for instance Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Brad Falchuk, who have been married since September 2018, and are now planning on moving in together. Celebrities often have a difficult time joining their lives together as many may live on opposite coasts or have contracts that keep them bound to one particular location. Whatever the reasons are that kept Gwyneth and Brad living in separate homes, that has been overcome as Gwyneth Paltrow announced that she and Brad will finally move in together.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, Gwyneth Paltrow stated the following about enjoying married life with Brad and taking things to a new level.

"Married life has been really good. And now we're moving in together this month. I adore my husband. He's brilliant and deeply kind. I feel like he's a real equal too. And he pushes me in the best ways. I really like being married. It's fun."

Those few sentences revealed plenty about Gwyneth's and Brad's marriage and it's easy to see that this is not a conventional or traditional relationship.

Check out People's report about Gwyneth and Brad moving in together below.

Many people noticed that Gwyneth Paltrow pointed out that Brad seemed to be her equal. This approach to marriage and relationships is definitely modern and not what women in the forties and fifties would have even considered when looking for a partner or spouse. The fact that Gwyneth didn't make it sound like Brad treated her as an equal, but rather she considered him her equal is practically revolutionary.

As for their living arrangement, Gwyneth had publicly stated before that they didn't live together full time, but rather Brad and Gwyneth both have their own place. Brad would spend approximately four nights per week at her house then sleep the remainder of the

week at his house. That will all change as soon as the couple moves in together. Gwyneth hasn't stated whether she is moving in with Brad or if he is moving in with her and the kids. Stay tuned for more on this story as Gwyneth and Brad move closer to their one year wedding anniversary.

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