Gwyneth Paltrow Says Her Teen Daughter Apple Is Really Embarrassed By Her - 'She's Mortified!'

Gwyneth Paltrow Says Her Teen Daughter Apple Is Really Embarrassed By Her - 'She's Mortified!'
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Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood and part of multiple superhero movies and yet, she’s still seen as an embarrassing mother by her daughter, Apple Martin. The celeb opened up about the 15 year old and how she ‘is mortified’ because of her sometimes to the point that she turns really red!

While on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she had a chat with the episode’s guest host, John Legend, telling him all about her relationship with her young ones.

After John noted that both of them are parents, and that there is a point when children stop thinking their parents are cool and get ‘embarrassed’ by them instead, Gwyneth dished that ‘[My kids] are almost 16 years old and 14. I do not how that happened.’

‘Is it possible that you, being one of the coolest women on Earth, could possibly embarrass your kids?’ John wondered, prompting Gwyneth to reveal that ‘My daughter finds me mortifying. If I do anything in public [that is] not talking and just standing still, she is like, ‘stop!' She is 16 in May. If I dance, she turns red.’

Then, they talked about TikTok before the topic of Apple’s learner’s permit came into discussion.

The actress shared that ‘She drives us to school now in the morning. It’s crazy. It’s so weird, she is really a good driver. I try to be calm, and the first time, I really failed as a mother – because she went through a red light. And, I yelled at her. And then she started crying, and it was terrible. I felt so bad. So, then, I was ‘okay, I am going to be chill.’ Now, she is an amazing driver.’

As it turns out, even though Apple gets so embarrassed by her mom, she resembles her a lot!

One way in which they are similar is the fact that the teen has apparently inherited her mother’s ‘road rage’ when behind the wheel.

Obviously, the actress knows all too well it does nothing if she yells at other drivers while on the road but it’s how she gets her frustrations out, apparently.

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