Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin - Here's How They've Made Co-Parenting Work!

Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin - Here's How They've Made Co-Parenting Work!
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As fans still remember, five years ago Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin put an end to their relationship, calling their split a ‘conscious uncoupling.’ That being said, since it was a zero drama type of breakup, it makes sense that the exes have come to be great co-parents to their two children throughout the years.

While stopping by Today, the actress revealed how she and the Coldplay singer have managed to make their family work even after going their separate ways.

Paltrow told Savannah Guthrie that ‘We really committed to maintaining the family—even though we were not going to be a couple. And so we kind of thought through that: How would it work and how would it be? Both Chris and I have committed to still continue to love the things about each other that we have always loved and to continue to develop our friendship and find ways to continue to communicate.’

Of course, it has not been easy as the star admitted it's been a ‘long process.’

‘You really have to focus on forgiveness and the spite that comes up—you have to let it go….It's not effortless. But now, at this point 5 years later, it is pretty good. But the first couple of years, it was really effortful. And for the sake of the kids, we were committed to maintaining the family structure.'

Paltrow and Martin are the co-parents of two kids – 12 year old Moses and 14 year old Apple.

As for their ‘conscious uncoupling’ concept, she mentioned that, despite receiving some hate for calling their split that, she was glad to ‘see the culture embrace the idea.’

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