Gwen Stefani’s Kids Are Very Attached To Blake Shelton -- Fans Say The Couple Deserves All The Happiness In The World

Gwen Stefani’s Kids Are Very Attached To Blake Shelton -- Fans Say The Couple Deserves All The Happiness In The World
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It looks like the relationship between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton is more serious than most people realized.

Shelton has been deeply involved in the lives of Stefani’s children, to the point where they now see him as a father figure and someone who is never leaving their side.

This is a piece of excellent news in light of some other reports fans heard lately about the lives of other celebrities and their children.

It does not look like Stefani and Shelton are suffering any problems of that sort at all.

Quite on the contrary. The young ones have a deep respect for Shelton, not just as a father figure, but as a person in general, and have been looking up to him as a role model.

It is great to see that the kids are growing up with some proper guidance in their lives -- it is not rare that observers see the opposite after people have separated.

And according to people close to the couple, Shelton has put a lot of effort into this in order to make it work.

One insider told Hollywood Life : "Blake and Gwen spent Easter together as a family because Gwen and the kids think of Blake as a father figure. They respect and love him and are very appreciative of him being there for them."

The person added: "Blake is taking on the role of a stepdad close to his heart and is really loving it. This in no way takes the kids away from Gavin and how he is as a father because Gavin is a wonderful father, but Gwen and the kids are happy that everyone gets the best of both worlds. Blake stepped up and will be in their lives forever just as Gavin will be. It’s a pretty healthy situation. Everyone is getting along which is pretty nice to see."

Fans are loving their whole vibe. One of them stated: "You deserve happiness and to be treated with love and respect. So happy you found someone who gives you all you deserve!"

He has been hard at work spending time with the kids, listening to them, and generally building a good relationship that has the potential to last a long time.

Hopefully, fans will not see any change in this regard anytime soon, as this has been one of the more endearing stories in the celebrity world recently.

Shelton himself has been relatively quiet on the situation and has avoided the spotlight for the most part.

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