Gwen Stefani Shows Up In Amazing Outfit Accompanied By Blake Shelton -- Easter Family Pictures Prove Miranda Lambert Cannot Touch Them

Gwen Stefani Shows Up In Amazing Outfit Accompanied By Blake Shelton -- Easter Family Pictures Prove Miranda Lambert Cannot Touch Them
Credit: Country Living Magazine

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani appear to have had a great time greeting Easter, as the two celebrated the holiday at the No Doubt artist’s mom’s house together with their children.

Of course, plenty of pictures from the event found their way to the Internet, and it did not take long for the positive comments to start rolling in.

Many of Stefani’s fans commended her on her choice of attire, pointing out that she looked quite stylish, while others noted that Shelton contributed to that himself.

The couple is one of the more favorably seen celebrity couples right now, and many people have been following them actively throughout the last few years.

It looks like the two have already forgotten the embarrassing Miranda Lambert incident when the singer attempted to diss the couple at the ACM Awards.

Delivering a performance of “Little Red Wagon,” Lambert had changed some of the lyrics to seemingly reflect on her relationship with Shelton.

The move was seen as distasteful by many, and it does not look like it has done much for Lambert’s positive image.

Stefani and Shelton themselves have not been very vocal in commenting on the situation, which has drawn the favorable attention of many of their fans.

If anything, it looks like the two have been doing their best to distance themselves from the incident, and have been focusing more on their own personal lives ever since.

An insider revealed: "Gwen was embarrassed for Miranda because it seems obvious to her that Miranda is still thinking about Blake even though she is married and appears to have moved on, she clearly hasn’t. Gwen and Blake laughed off Miranda’s lyric change too. Gwen loves Oklahoma so much; she thought the whole thing was kind of funny."

Moreover, from the looks of it, they certainly cannot complain much in that regard, as things between them appear to be going great.

A source stated: "We are still about six months away from Gwen’s 50th birthday but that hasn’t gotten by Blake one bit and he is looking to put together the biggest party ever for her big day. It’s likely going to be in various locations with the main party taking place in Vegas since she will be in the city to start her residency again a few days after her birthday."

Stefani and Shelton are not rushing towards marriage despite their closeness.

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  • Rita
    Rita Apr 27, 2021 6:22 AM PDT

    Clearly both Miranda and Blake have moved on. Both people are in serious relationships and they should be happy. Their divorce got ugly. We should be happy for both parties and not continue to believe they will be getting back together anytime soon. I understand Miranda is pregnant! Wow

  • Rhonda G Meeks
    Rhonda G Meeks Apr 23, 2019 4:49 AM PDT

    Blake messed up when he left Miranda Gwen, Miranda is very happy ....

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