Gwen Stefani Ruptures Her Eardrum In Freak Accident – Will She Ever Sing Again?

Gwen Stefani Ruptures Her Eardrum In Freak Accident – Will She Ever Sing Again?

According to new reports, Gwen Stefani is under strict doctor’s orders to stay away from singing for a while as she ruptured her eardrum on a plane ride!

The freak accident occurred recently on a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

The Voice judge was headed to Vegas to perform at the 21st Keep Memory Alive Power of Love gala at the MGM Grand.

Unfortunately, the performance was canceled as the star was instead rushed to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center because of her shocking accident.

At the hospital, after getting inspected by the medical specialists, it was decided she shouldn’t sing in order to avoid further pain or even permanently ruining her eardrum.

The artists decided to explain what happened to her and apologize to the fans who were expecting to see her on stage. Stefani posted a short video in which she apologized for missing the charity event.

“I am so sorry that I cannot attend tonight,” she started. “But I wanted to send a message of congratulations to Andre Agassi and my dear friend Ronald Pearlman.”

It is yet to be revealed whether or not the rupture will also affect her The Voice obligations from now on.

For now, Jennifer Hudson filled in for her. Before the show Hudson shared a video on social media of her boarding a plane, proving how reliable she was.

“U call, I answer!” she captioned the footage. “Ms. Hudson is on the way!”

Jennifer Hudson totally saved the day! But we are sure fans are still anxious about Gwen Stefani’s health and wonder when and if they will be able to hear the star sing again.

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