Gwen Stefani Reveals She's Been 'Healing' Over The Past Four Years, Calls Her Relationship With Blake Shelton 'One Of The Greatest Gifts'

Gwen Stefani Reveals She's Been 'Healing' Over The Past Four Years, Calls Her Relationship With Blake Shelton 'One Of The Greatest Gifts'
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Next month will mark Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s four-year dating anniversary, and she is shocked that they have already been together that long. The singer admits that her relationship with Shelton still feels pretty new to her and “it seems like it just happened in no time,” but there is no doubt how much she cherishes her romance with her “best friend.”

Stefani is the cover girl for the November issue of Shape Magazine , and in her interview she opened up about how she has been “healing” over the past four years since her split from Gavin Rossdale.

Stefani and Shelton fell in love on the set of The Voice back in 2015 after he divorced Miranda Lambert, and she split from Rossdale thanks to a cheating scandal.

“I feel as if I spent the last four years healing — you know, trying to build my life again,” explained Stefani. “Having a best friend like Blake to help me do that has been one of the greatest gifts.”

The couple has been splitting their time between Los Angeles (where they just bought a new home together) and Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma, and the Sweet Escape singer says she never expected to be spending her time in the Midwest.

Stefani explained that she is “an unusual product of an ordinary California family.” She says her parents have been together since they met in high school, she had a stay-at-home mom, and the family went to church together every Sunday. But, her career has given her the opportunity to travel the world.

Life on Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch is very simple, which is a nice contrast to LA, says Stefani. However, she does admit that she has mixed some of her country life with her city life by having 20 chickens in the backyard of her Los Angeles home.

The 50-year-old says that the most important thing in her life is a balance between career and family, but it’s also the hardest. She loves being with her family, watching movies with Shelton, and having downtime. But, Stefani also loves having projects - including her Las Vegas residency at the Zappos Theater.

“It seems like, with your career, you have to keep swimming, keep moving, or else you’re going to look back and go, ‘Shoot, it’s over,’” said Stefani.”I don’t like feeling like that. I want to do creative things when I want, and I want to stop chasing all the time. It’s hard, but I’m really enjoying being in the moment.”

Stefani says that being a mom to her three boys - Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo - has taught her how to be more organized and in charge. She says she lived at home until 26 - and then had managers and assistants - so she has always had people around her doing things for her. Even something as simple as holding on to the key to her hotel room.

Stefani also revealed how she stays fit, saying that she eats really clean and works out between shows. She says that she plays tennis “badly” with Shelton, and then they go to the gym. However, she doesn’t go crazy like she used to.

“I do just enough to make my body feel good,” said Stefani.

New episodes of The Voice - featuring Stefani and Shelton - air Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.


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