Gwen Stefani Reportedly Understands Why Miranda Lambert 'Misses' Blake Shelton - 'He Is One In A Million’

Gwen Stefani Reportedly Understands Why Miranda Lambert 'Misses' Blake Shelton - 'He Is One In A Million’

Previous insider reports claimed that seeing Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton so happy and in love at the PCAs caused his ex, Miranda Lambert, to really miss him for a bit. That being said, another source tells HollywoodLife that Gwen totally gets it and hopes she’ll never have to go through that because the country crooner is truly ‘one in a million!’

‘Gwen knows Blake is a one in a million kind of guy. He is not a guy that is easy to get over, so it makes sense to her that Miranda would sometimes feel pangs of regret and of jealousy,’ the source dished to the outlet.

As mentioned, another source previously told HollywoodLife that seeing the couple ‘look so good, happy and in love’ at the awards show made Lambert really ‘emotional.’

Of course, that doesn’t mean Miranda would like to reunite with Blake, but she supposedly got a bit nostalgic about their marriage, especially because ‘Blake has totally moved on and has a whole new life.’

The source went on to explain that ‘Gwen can only imagine how hard it'd be to get over Blake and she hopes she never has to find out herself. Gwen hopes she will be with Blake until her very last breath. She knows she'd feel a severe loss and a massive hole in her heart and life without Blake so she can definitely understand why Miranda would be feeling loss. Gwen counts her lucky stars all the time that Blake's her man.’

It’s really obvious how much Gwen appreciates Blake being in her life and she would definitely not have it any other way!

The singer feels super lucky to have found such an amazing love with him, and her sweet posts about Blake on social media are proof enough!


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