Gwen Stefani Makes Blake Shelton Blush By Doing This -- Are They Thinking About Miranda Lambert's Wedding?

Gwen Stefani Makes Blake Shelton Blush By Doing This -- Are They Thinking About Miranda Lambert's Wedding?
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Do not worry about Gwen Stefani and her boyfriend, Blake Shelton -- their romance is stronger than ever despite the fact that there is no marriage or engagement news in sight.

The pair has been dating for three years now and according to a source, who spoke to Hollywood Life, the love between the two artists is as deep and intense as the first day.

The No Doubt diva and mother of three still finds clever and sensual ways to make the country star blush. According to the insider, Blake loves the way that Gwen talks and brags about him in public.

The person claimed: "He appreciates how she fawns over him. Talk about flattering. When the person you are in love with tells anyone and everyone that you are sexy, how is that ever a bad thing? It is really only a great thing to hear, and Blake is taking it as such. But since Blake is so playful with everything and a genuinely funny guy, he jokes with Gwen about being the sexiest man alive all the time and that Gwen is late to the game on her claims of him being sexy. They both have fun with it, and he appreciates how she fawns over him because he feels that she is amazing herself.”

It was recently reported that Blake's ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, had very surprising news for the world -- after a few months of dating, she married Brendan Mcloughlin.

Another insider said that the power couple could care less about the wedding and added: “Blake and Gwen really don’t care either way about Miranda’s marriage. It was much easier for Blake to move on than Miranda. It took her a very, very long time to really get over Blake, and it hurt so badly to see Blake move on quickly with Gwen, but she’s very happy now.”

The tipster shared: “Blake has completely moved on and had a long time ago. To see Miranda get married is almost like a relief to him. She was a big part of his life for quite awhile and only wants good things for her, but he’s not paying attention at all. He’s happier than ever with Gwen.”

Will these two music stars ever get married?

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