Gwen Stefani Looking Forward To Turning 50 Next Month - She Has Everything She Can Wish For!

Gwen Stefani Looking Forward To Turning 50 Next Month - She Has Everything She Can Wish For!
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According to an insider report, Gwen Stefani is actually excited to turn 50 and not worried about it at all! In fact, she sees the milestone as a true ‘gift.’

After all, the singer is not only happier than ever in her relationship with country singer Blake Shelton but she is also back on The Voice, where they met and fell in love.

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Gwen has everything she wants in life. She has healthy kids, the love of her life in Blake, an amazing career with The Voice and her returning Vegas tour.’

As fans know, Gwen and Blake started dating back in 2015 when they were both going through divorces and were also judges on the singing competition.

Now, they are relationship goals and are not shying away from sharing their best moments and memories on social media with their followers.

Next month is going to be filled with partying and celebrating as well since Gwen is turning 50!

About this, the source dished that ‘Turning fifty in about a month isn’t something that is concerning her so much because life is pretty good. She looks at women like J.Lo and Jennifer Aniston and how they look and feel and how they are enjoying life at fifty and it inspires her. It is no way a bad thing, to Gwen it is a beautiful thing. Turning fifty soon is actually quite the gift and she is enjoying it every step of the way.’

And who knows? Maybe her birthday will be the perfect situation for Blake to pop the big question!

But whether that happens or not, it's clear that Blake and Gwen are happy with the way things already are!


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