Gwen Stefani Is Said To Be Devastated And Stressed Out After One Of Her Sons With Gavin Rossdale Does This

Gwen Stefani Is Said To Be Devastated And Stressed Out After One Of Her Sons With Gavin Rossdale Does This
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Gwen Stefani has a lot on her plate right now. Between her return to The Voice , as well as her struggles after she split from Gavin Rossdale, that have surfaced recently, she is quite occupied mentally and has been trying to juggle quite a lot around her.

Stefani recently pointed out that she was feeling stressed out over the fact that her baby boy, Apollo, was in kindergarten, but added that the child was quite excited about the new step in his life, and was doing well in the new environment.

The singer said: “School started. I got a baby in kindergarten now, and that was devastating. But he’s so excited, and he’s doing so well. I got [two in] junior high. God gave me all three boys. Boys have always surrounded me.”

The other kids, Zuma, 11, and Kingston, 13, are older, and they do not seem to be worrying their mother that much.

Fans say it is entirely normal for a mother to feel more worried about her younger children, and it is not like Stefani, in particular, has gone through little in her life, so she likely has a thing or two on her mind with regards to the whole situation.

Meanwhile, Blake Shelton has been joking about having to work alongside Stefani on the upcoming season of The Voice , noting that he was not going to let his partner win.

He then added that if he did do that, he would do it in a subtle way that would not make it evident to Stefani.

Of course, this was all said in good humor, as it does not seem like Shelton has any plans to play underhanded moves with his longtime girlfriend in her upcoming appearance on The Voice .

Many of their fans have been excited about the prospect of seeing them together on the screen soon.

A source spoke to Us Weekly and said this about Shelton’s love for Stefani’s boys: “He’s extremely close with them. Blake loves getting dirty with the boys. They’re always playing basketball or running around. They love it [at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch] because it’s just the five of them out on the land, hunting or hiking.”

The two music stars seem to be dancing to the same beat.

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