Gwen Stefani Is Pregnant With Blake Shelton's First Child -- 'The Voice' Stars Relied On IVF

Gwen Stefani Is Pregnant With Blake Shelton's First Child -- 'The Voice' Stars Relied On IVF
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A dream is coming true for Gwen Stefani -- she is pregnant with her fourth child -- and Blake Shelton is, therefore, going to be a first-time father.

For months, rumors have been emerging in the tabloids claiming that since The Voice 's coach met and fell in love in late 2015, they have been trying to become parents.

While the reports used anonymous sources, it was evident that Shelton loved children.

Pictures and videos on social media showed that Shelton has a great bond with Stefani's three boys - Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

He takes the three brothers fishing, hunting, and camping in Oklahoma and when back in California, he throws them fun parties and teaches them about music.

After months of trying to conceive the natural way, the No Doubt front woman has turned to the wonders of science for help, and it has worked.

A source told Radar Online that the blonde diva is very religious and was, therefore, not in a rush to have IVF.

The chatty pal familiar with the situation shared: “Gwen adores being a mom and Blake has had babies on the brain for months, especially after getting to know Gwen’s boys. They knew they did not have time to waste, so they planned this pregnancy out, down to the last detail, Gwen and Blake have made this baby their complete and total priority. They were so emotional and overwhelmed when they found out, and now they are just focused on everything going smoothly. This baby is something they have both wanted for a long time.”

The source added: “Gwen really has felt in the past like her family was complete. But if nothing else, dating Blake for the last two years has proven what an amazing dad he will be. She wanted to give him a child of his own, and she knew that at this stage in the game, going through the grueling process of IVF was the only way — and would be worth it in the end."

The same person went on to say that tension is brewing between Stefani and her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, because their children are too attached to Shelton.

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