Gwen Stefani Is Having An Internal Debate About Making Blake Shelton's Dream A Reality

Gwen Stefani Is Having An Internal Debate About Making Blake Shelton's Dream A Reality
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Gwen Stefani already has three sons under her belt as a mother -- Kingston, 13, Zuma, 11, and Apollo, 5 -- but it looks like she would not mind giving birth to another child -- if it was for Blake Shelton, anyway.

Stefani recently explained that she saw Blake as a fantastic father to her kids, and was open to the idea of giving him his child.

It is not clear if she was entirely serious in her claims, though, or if she was making a tongue-in-cheek joke.

However, in any case, her statement immediately captivated and puzzled her fans -- and those of Blake's -- with many people pointing out that she sounded unusual with these words.

However, judging by comments from sources allegedly close to Stefani, this has been on the table for quite a while now.

This is apparently far from the first time that the singer has made references to possibly having another child, although she has been reluctant to explore the idea in more detail for various reasons.

Her age is apparently the primary one -- although she has a backup for that, adoption -- and she also seems to have some other concerns with the idea of having a new child.

At the same time, it is apparently something that has been giving her a lot of thought lately, and she might have brought it up with Blake on multiple occasions as well.

A source told Hollywood Life : “Gwen sees how great Blake is to her kids and dreams about making him a father.”

The insider went on to explain: “It has been back and forth on adding to her family for a multitude of reasons, including her age if they want to adopt and a few other variables. If they don’t add to the family, she knows that he is so good to her current children and will be an amazing stepfather once they eventually get married.”

The person added: “So she would love to give him his own child, and it is a constant conversation between the two.”

However, it is not entirely clear where Blake stands on this, and whether he is on board with the idea -- if it is a serious one.

The issue has been brought up for years and it could be just talk.

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