Gwen Stefani Gets ‘Weak In The Knees’ When Blake Shelton Serenades Her With Love Songs

Gwen Stefani Gets ‘Weak In The Knees’ When Blake Shelton Serenades Her With Love Songs

There are all kinds of perks to having a musician boyfriend. An insider says that even if Gwen Stefani has amazing pipes, she goes crazy when Blake Shelton sings to her.

Gwen and Blake have been defining couple goals for two years now, and they just continue to amaze each other and us as well.

An insider said that Gwen still totally blushes when her boyfriend sings a little tune for her. Of course, wouldn’t you just die if your boyfriend had a voice like Gwen’s country crooner?

'Gwen gets absolutely weak in the knees when Blake sings to her,' a source close to the couple confessed.

'One of her favorite things in the world is when he pulls out his guitar and serenades her with one of his sweet ballads,' the insider continues.

'Whether they are in her house in LA, at his ranch in Oklahoma or somewhere on the road in between, Gwen just falls deeper in love with Blake every time he sings her one of her favorite songs of his. It is sweet, romantic and has become another one of the special things Gwen loves about her man.'

Some rumors are saying that the couple is expecting their first child together and Blake's first child ever. But until now, nothing of this kind has been officially confirmed by them.

Gwen's tummy looks just a bit rounder in some pictures, and an insider said that she appears to take more care of her these days.

She is acting similarly to when she was pregnant with her last baby. If the couple did indeed have a baby, another source said that their inner circle would be anything but shocked.

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