Gwen Stefani Credits Blake Shelton For Her Timeless Beauty!

Gwen Stefani Credits Blake Shelton For Her Timeless Beauty!
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Gwen Stefani is definitely a timeless beauty and many would love to learn her secret! However, the singer credited her country singing beau, Blake Shelton for her looks!

That's right! As far as she is concerned, her romance with Blake is what keeps her looking so youthful and glowing from the inside.

This and more is what the star told Australia's Stellar magazine when discussing the things fans say about her timeless looks.

'It's really hard for everybody to age and have to face life. Especially for women and people who've been in the spotlight it can be daunting, but you tackle it by trying to just be the most beautiful version of yourself inside and out. People talking about my ageing's a compliment, I guess. I am kind of obsessed with how I am ageing, too.'

As for her secret, the artist made it clear that it's being happy in her relationship.

'Blake is the greatest guy. I look back over the past few years and look at pictures of when I first started kissing Blake, and I look the best I have ever looked in my life in those photos. Love must look good on me. I feel like that does show through—it really does,' Gwen gushed over her fiance.

Of course, fans know that this is not the first time that Gwen credits her partner for making her happy.

Back in January, she told Today that 'He's one of the most generous human beings and so down to earth. It all sounds generic, but it is just so true. He is so gifted and unique and talented and really is just my best friend. I feel just so excited that I have someone in my life that now I have a chance at happiness. It's just a blessing, the whole thing and it is a miracle.'

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