Gwen Stefani Confirms That She Has No Plans Of Proposing To Blake Shelton -- The Reason May Surprise You

Gwen Stefani Confirms That She Has No Plans Of Proposing To Blake Shelton -- The Reason May Surprise You
Credit: Popsugar

Despite Ellen DeGeneres doing her best to persuade Gwen Stefani into proposing to Blake Shelton, it does not look like that is on the table -- at least not just yet.

Ellen tried her best to get Gwen to pop the big question, but in the end, she refused. Ellen even tried bringing a giant clock on the set but to no avail, as it looks like Gwen has her mind firmly set so far.

Nobody seemed to take Ellen's attempt that seriously though, as in the end, most people saw it as good humor.

The host insisted that she would be able to break Gwen and get her to propose, but it looks like the situation backfired to some extent.

In the meantime, it does not look like things are bad in any way between Gwen and Blake.

The two are reportedly enjoying their relationship quite a lot, and it is just that they have decided to take things more slowly and ensure that they are both on the same page.

Or rather, at least one of them sees things that way -- whether Blake shares this sentiment is another story.

Hopefully, things are going to clear up between them in the near future though, as it does look like Blake is expecting things to move forward in a more serious manner at some point.

Whether fans are going to see an engagement announcement anytime soon is hard to tell, but many of them have been hoping for exactly that for a while now.

One insider told Hollywood Life : "As far as her proposing to Blake like he said on Ellen, that is not going to happen. When they do get engaged it will Blake doing the asking, Gwen is traditional that way."

A source added: "She and Blake both love Ellen, she's one of their favorites, and they know how to take a joke, so they're not at all offended. They both thought it was very funny. If it does have the same result, it had for JLO, if Blake proposes, then Gwen will say yes and be very happy."

The person concluded with: "She's not sweating it at all, she's fully secure in knowing it will all happen in the right time."

Do you think the two music stars will get married soon?


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