Gwen Stefani Blows Up Social Media Ahead Of Her 50th Birthday In Mini Dress -- Video Proves Blake Shelton Is Very Lucky

Gwen Stefani Blows Up Social Media Ahead Of Her 50th Birthday In Mini Dress -- Video Proves Blake Shelton Is Very Lucky
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Gwen Stefani has been a bit quiet on social media lately, at least with regards to posting pictures and other insights into her life with Blake Shelton.

And it seems to be for a good reason -- she has been working hard to prepare for the new season of The Voice . Recently, she has ramped up her social media activity again, posting various teasers of her upcoming gig.

A recent post in which she showed off a mini dress and high-thigh boots became an instant sensation, with many people complimenting her looks and noting that she was going to steal attention away from the rest of the judges at that rate.

However, it seems this is exactly what the singer intends anyway, as she has been pushing quite hard on the sexy style front and has come up with an amazing look for herself.

The positive comments just kept coming in, and it was clear that Stefani had managed to stir up quite the sensation with her looks. Will she be the highlight of the next season of The Voice ? Or are the show’s producers planning some surprises of their own to captivate their audience even more?

It is hard to tell at this point, but knowing the caliber of this production, anything is possible.

Stefani is undoubtedly gearing up for something grand, judging by her attitude recently, which could indicate some pretty spectacular things coming up.

Hopefully, that is not far off from the truth, as many of her fans have been quietly excited.

Ahead of her 50th birthday, a close source to Stefani said she is living her best life.

The person told Hollywood Life : “Gwen has everything she wants in life. She has healthy kids, the love of her life in Blake, an amazing career with The Voice and her returning Vegas tour.”

The family friend added: “Turning fifty in about a month isn’t something that is concerning her so much because life is pretty good. She looks at women like J.Lo and Jennifer Aniston and how they look and feel and how they are enjoying life at fifty, and it inspires her.”

The insider concluded with: “It is no way a bad thing, to Gwen, it is a beautiful thing. Turning fifty soon is actually quite the gift, and she is enjoying it every step of the way.”

Stefani and Shelton are in this for the long run.

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