Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton's Thanksgiving Was A Family Affair, But Are They Finally Expecting A Baby?

Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton's Thanksgiving Was A Family Affair, But Are They Finally Expecting A Baby?
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Gwen Stefani can’t post a picture to Instagram without sparking another baby rumor. In a recent Thanksgiving photo, Shelton is giving the singer a kiss on the cheek while she has her hands around his neck. She is on her tippy toes to reach the tall country superstar, and her sweater is hanging in a way that many fans think shows a baby bump. But, fans are asking if it is a food baby or a real baby?

Stefani captioned the photo “Had the best Thanksgiving.” While that is sweet, she had to know the pic would add fuel to the baby rumor fire, just like Shelton did a couple of weeks ago when a fan asked him if he and Stefani would ever have a baby and he replied, “I hope. We will see.”

The couple of two years doesn’t seem to be tired of all the baby talk, and instead seem to enjoy teasing fans with mysterious answers and photos.

According to The Hollywood Gossip , Stefani spent Thanksgiving in Oklahoma with Shelton, her three boys – Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo – and members of Shelton’s family. Then, per She Knows , after enjoying some holiday downtime, the rocker quickly left by helicopter to make a black Friday appearance at the Grove in Los Angeles.

During the L.A. event, Stefani wore much tighter clothes ; and, in photos, her stomach looked completely different than it did in the Thanksgiving pic, with no baby bump in site. So, it must have been a food baby after all.

In addition to the photo with the possible baby bump, Stefani documented her countrified holiday via her Instagram and Snapchats , and updated her accounts with clips throughout the day, including one where she panned across the beautiful Thanksgiving table. She captioned the clip with, “My new country thankful.”

In other videos, her kids help out with the holiday celebration, and in one clip Zuma puts homemade place cards on the table. When she zooms in, fans can see Shelton’s name on a card written in kids scrawl via multi-color marker.

Since Shelton said he hopes he will get Stefani pregnant, maybe next year there will be a new reason for the couple to give thanks.

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