Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Are Still Together - No Validity To The Breakup Rumor

Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Are Still Together - No Validity To The Breakup Rumor

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are doing great together despite the breakup reports that surfaced online on Wednesday. Actually, things have never better been between the two music stars.

The Voice coaches have been together for close to two years, and lately, they appeared to be very close.

They even spent Easter in Oklahoma as Shelton seemed happy to introduce Stefani's children to a whole new world that involves camping and hunting.

The 40-year-old country music star and the mother of three were rumored to be working on starting a family together and getting married in the upcoming year.

So, those elements made the split hard to believe. Nonetheless, fans were glued to social media looking for answers that would get them closer to the real story.

Of course, the twosome opted to stay quiet and not respond to the claims made by Life & Style .

In Hollywood and the entertainment industry when people are talking about you, it is always an interesting situation. There was no real good reason to squash the story before it got some serious mileage.

The source used in the viral report said that Stefani was disappointed that her partner could not give her the daughter that she desperately wants.

Moreover, they supposedly came to the realization that they were from two different worlds and that is not something you can put aside easily.

The so-called tipster even explained that an official confirmation was going to be put out very soon and if it was not released as yet it is because Stefani needed more time to process the split.

Well, all of this is not true, and someone close to the pair is finally doing some talking to set the record straight.

The person shared: “They are happy, together, in love and pay no attention to the regular rumors that circle about their relationship being over.”

The insider added: “Gwen loves Blake because he is hilarious, charming, humble and all-around great guy. They came into each other’s lives during challenging times as they were both going through breakups. They truly enjoy each other’s company, they are great together and stronger than ever.”

This statement seems a little closer to reality. Those two are really enjoying themselves right now.


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