Gwen Stefani Admits She Is 'Envious' Of Jennifer Lopez - Here's Why!

Gwen Stefani Admits She Is 'Envious' Of Jennifer Lopez - Here's Why!
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The singer has just started her Las Vegas residency, something she’s dreamed about for a very long time. That being said, while she and Jennifer Lopez are performing at the same theater, it seems like Gwen Stefani doesn’t consider herself as being on J.Lo.’s level of skill or even looks!

Today, just one night after her Vegas debut, Gwen told ET during an interview that she is ‘envious’ of Jennifer Lopez.

’I love her so much. She's so beautiful, and her show is so - she works so hard on that stage. The dancing, I'm obviously envious of that... and her beauty,’ Stefani admitted.

But even though doesn’t dance a lot on stage like Lopez does, Gwen is totally giving her all to make her shows the best she can.

It is safe to say that the two women have a great work ethic and yet, that is not the only thing they have in common.

‘The thing with Jennifer, we have a similar life, and back in the day, I remember Prince said to me... I don't know how he said it, but it was almost like, 'You guys are in competition.’ And I remember being in his limousine with him and I'm like, 'What are you talking about?... I don't understand, I'm in No Doubt.' We are the same age, and we just kind of went through our lives and we had kids the same time and, like, I ended up buying the house that she had.’

‘I live in her house that she put that marble in. Thank you, Jennifer. And then now I am in her dressing room. So, I love her so much,’ Stefani gushed over the fellow artist.

Wow, the two women really have a lot of shared experiences and paths!


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