Guess with whom Victoria Beckham and David Beckham celebrated their wedding anniversary

Guess with whom Victoria Beckham and David Beckham celebrated their wedding anniversary
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David and Victoria Beckham are one of the most beautiful, strong, and stylish couples in the UK. Despite the fact that the couple predicted a divorce many times, they are still together and recently celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary. Naturally, the stars decided to celebrate such an important event. They went on tour to Europe.

The wife's anniversary was celebrated in Paris. This city seems to be the ideal place for such romantic moments. Victoria and David managed to avoid the attention of the paparazzi in the heart of France.

However, already at their next point of arrival, street photographers were waiting for the lovers.

The Beckhams decided to continue a small tour of Europe with a visit to Venice. This city, by the way, is also ideal for romantic walks and languid evenings.

But Victoria and David decided to give it up and spend time with their family. Vicki's parents, Jackie and Anthony Adams joined the star couple.

Many Internet users found this decision extremely cute. Others noted that having parents "killed all the romance." In addition, fans of Victoria Beckham remembered that it was her mom and dad who insisted on the impossibility of marriage with David - they considered him unpromising and too young.

The couple's other child, Romeo Beckham, wrote to his loved ones via his Instagram story, wishing them a happy birthday, "Happy Birthday to the best parents in the world, I love you so much!"

The couple's fans and well-known friends also congratulated them on their success in the comments section of their charming posts.


In a throwback interview, Victoria revealed that the pair met at a football game. When the funny guy asked David if he was actually a Spice Girls fan, he replied, "No, but I was in a posh.


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