Gucci Mane Will Drop A Six-Figure Payment For Back Child Support

Gucci Mane Will Drop A Six-Figure Payment For Back Child Support
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Gucci Mane's drama with the mother of this son intensifies. It's been reported that he was able to reach an agreement to end the horrible legal battle and he's reportedly agreed to pay Sheena Evans $10k a month in child support.

The Shade Room has more information on the subject and they are citing data from the online publication The Blast.

TSR reminds followers that Sheena had asked for $20,000 a month from Gucci, 'given that he was living his best life and the payments on her end were not reflecting that.'

They continue and write that 'The battle was wrapped up last week in court where a judge approved the settlement. In addition to those $10,000 monthly payments, the deal also requires that Gucci cover the costs for new transportation for Sheena and their son Keithon.'

It's been reported that Gucci will also have to make a six-figure payment in order to cover the back child support owed. According to the agreement, he will also receive visitation.

People agree in the comments, saying that he should pay child support for his boy.

Someone said: 'Finally!! That child has severe autism and he was barely doing anything.'

Another follower posted: 'As he should. He living his best life his kids should as well.'

One commenter said, 'It PAYS to be in your child’s life one way or another. I said what I said.' and someone else wrote: 'Black men rather rent jewelry and cars to impress people.'

Someone else believes this: 'That should have been a given. Why do men make these women fight for the money they deserve.'

This year, Gucci Mane canceled a tour in Canada .

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