Gucci Mane Says Eminem Is Not The King Of Rap Anymore

Gucci Mane Says Eminem Is Not The King Of Rap Anymore
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Gucci Mane doesn't seem to be a big Eminem fan, and he was not shy at all when he expressed this in a brand new interview. The rapper was recently invited on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

There, he discussed the Eminem subject, and he admitted he doesn’t think Em should be crowned the king of rap, at least not anymore.

'You got to come up with a better name,' Gucci said about Eminem while he was discussing who should be crowned the new king of rap.

He continued and said 'I ain’t playing Eminem in my car. You playing him in yours? You sliding around playing Eminem in your car, you and your ol’ lady?'

This is all that Gucci had to say about the subject, but it's enough to understand that he believes Eminem is no longer the most popular rapper today.

You can see Gucci in the video below on Twitter.

People had various opinions on the subject, and they expressed them in the comments section under the video.

Someone tweeted '[Lol @ too many napkins. I agree. I can’t relate to a single one of his songs. He’s technically gifted, but he makes very bland music. No real flavor like unseasoned Thanksgiving food. You can eat it, but you won’t enjoy it.'

Another person said 'Lol go to bed!!!! I give it to em off technicality but as far everything else, garbage. If we are talking white rappers that make enjoyable music, Action Bronson, Mac Miller, Logic now those, I bump at least once a week.'

Another person said that 'My problem with Em' is that his albums are bleh. I understand Em' easily, but his albums tend to suck. While I think he can spit on a technical level, I refuse to put him as a classic artist because none of his albums are classic to me. There are way more MCs with better albums.'

Someone else had Em's back all the way and said: 'I've cried and laughed listening to Em, I understand what he means and he tells us how he feels through his music. I see his career as an amazing journey where he shares his soul with us while making us laugh our ass off. u may not connect or understand, but others do, and it's ok.'


What do you think about Eminem's music these days?

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