Grimes Published A Selfie, Which Fueled Rumours That She Had Her Elf Ears Surgically Altered

Grimes Published A Selfie, Which Fueled Rumours That She Had Her Elf Ears Surgically Altered
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The 34-year-old singer tweeted a picture of her bandaged face on Saturday, after earlier telling her followers that she planned to get "elf ear" surgery. Immediately, her followers jumped to the post's comments section to demand to know whether or not she had gone through with the operation.

I'd be thrilled if she did get them. Another person chimed on, "You did the ears??? Oh my God, who is your surgeon A third person chimed in, you look great. Others commented on the selfie by making jokes, such as "Turned into an egg?" and "Is she wanting 4 attention? Oh, mom, what have you done...?

From a series of tweets starting in mid-August, it was clear that Grimes full name: Claire Elise Boucher, was considering the procedure. The procedure entails reshaping the patient's ear cartilage to give them the characteristic pointed peaks seen on elves and other fictional beings from the fantasy genre.

On August 15th, she first broached the subject, asking her quirky-transformed followers for their thoughts. What about elf ear modifications, have they been successful for anyone? Fearful of the ear cartilage's recovery, she tweeted about it. This surgery seems dangerous, particularly for a musician, but I've always wanted it. I'm eager to hear other people's stories.

Elon Musk, her ex-boyfriend, reemerged in the chat the next day with some snarky, literal commentary. The 51-year-old CEO of SpaceX said that the risks associated with elf ear surgery exceed any potential benefits.

Grimes interjected with a longing tone once more. In all honesty, it sounds like a job for crispr. She tweeted that she was "sad to be born just a few generations too early," referring to the groundbreaking gene-editing CRISPR technologies, which are capable of rewriting the genetic code of an individual human being in a specific way.

In a later tweet, on August 17, in response to a fan who had tweeted a series of elfin-eared digital avatars in her likeness, Grimes commented, "Wow I adore these damn."

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