Grimes New Record Climbs To Number One Spot On Dance/Electronic Chart

Grimes New Record Climbs To Number One Spot On Dance/Electronic Chart
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Grimes, who's gearing up to have a baby with the CEO of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk, currently has 10 songs on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. Billboard claims that Claire Bouche, also known as Grimes, had her song go to number 1 on the Dance/Electronic Songwriter's chart dated for the 7th of March.

Grimes has a total of 10 songwriting credits on her latest record, Miss Anthropocene. Nielsen Music/MRC Data, who collects figures and statistics on top-selling albums, claims the record has sold 19,000 equivalent album units since its release earlier this month. Her last record, Art Angels, went to number 36 on the Billboard 200.

This comes at a particularly interesting time for Grimes, who - as it was noted above - is pregnant with her first child with Elon Musk. It was reported earlier this month that Grimes was actually finding pregnancy a bit difficult , mostly due to sickness and general malaise.

On her social media account, the 31-year-old revealed she was "mega sick," and also canceled all photoshoots for her album, Miss Anthropocene. Her new record just came out today.

In the promotion of her album, Grimes worked with the London fashion magazine, The Face, but rather than using an image of herself, she chose a virtual avatar with the name, "Warnymph."

At the time of the issue's publication, Grimes stated she couldn't appear on the cover because she was 7-months pregnant. For that reason, she had to get an avatar to replace her. It was back in January of this year when Grimes first announced her pregnancy.

Around a month later, the musician complained of having skin issues. Additionally, Grimes explained that doing her makeup was also a lot harder. Fans of Grimes know that her relationship with Elon Musk has come as a surprise.

Although, previously, Elon has dated other artistic and creative women such as Azealia Banks and Amber Heard. His short-lived romance with Azealia, in particular, didn't end positively, however. Banks referred to Elon at a later date as a "trash beta-male pig."

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