'Grey's Anatomy' Star Giacomo Gianniotti Weighs In On DeLuca's Bold Move With Meredith

'Grey's Anatomy' Star Giacomo Gianniotti Weighs In On DeLuca's Bold Move With Meredith
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The fall finale of Grey’s Anatomy aired this week, and in the episode, a windstorm knocked out the power and left Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Dr. Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) stranded in an elevator together. DeLuca is one of the men vying for Meredith’s affection, and this could be an opportunity for him to outwit his rival, Link (Chris Carmack).

Meredith hasn’t had a major love interest since her husband Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) died in Season 11. Fans have been waiting ever since for Meredith to find love again, and Gianniotti says that after his character’s failed attempt to kiss Dr. Grey in the Season 14 finale, it was definitely something that they needed to explore during Season 15.

“At the wedding, when DeLuca — in a low moment, after a few too many beers and tequila shots — misreads a signal and tries to kiss Meredith, which doesn’t really go his way. It was a slightly charming moment. That was something for the writers to explore,” explained Gianniotti.

He went on to say that during the summer hiatus, people wrote articles and fans talked about the possibility of DeLuca and Grey getting romantic, and everyone responded really well.

Gianniotti also told Entertainment Weekly that DeLuca has grown up and matured in recent seasons, and he is getting to a point where he is confident in himself, in his friendships, and in his profession. And, he thinks that DeLuca is up to the challenge of competing for Meredith’s love.

However, it’s not just about a competition with Link. Gianniotti says that if someone else is vying for the person you like, it might force you to accelerate your declaration of affection, but he doesn’t think that is what is happening.

Gianniotti believes it is just a coincidence that while DeLuca is figuring out that he has feelings for Meredith, there just happens to be someone else figuring out the same thing at the same time.  But he thinks that adds a comical layer to the story.

Gianniotti also revealed that they are aware of the age difference between DeLuca and Grey, and executive producer Krista Vernoff wanted to say to the audience that it is sexy and empowering for a woman to be with a younger man. And, there is no reason that a man should be able to get away with dating someone younger and a woman can’t.

The actor says that he doesn’t know how this storyline will turn out, but things between DeLuca and Grey are definitely moving forward, and the triangle is still there as they film episode 11 (episode 8 just aired this week).

New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy air Thursday nights on ABC, but it won’t return for the second half of the season until January 18th.


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