Grey's Anatomy Is Reportedly Bringing Back Katherine Heigl's Izzie Stevens For Epic 300th Episode

Grey's Anatomy Is Reportedly Bringing Back Katherine Heigl's Izzie Stevens For Epic 300th Episode
Credit: Source; ABC

Grey’s Anatomy has come a long ways since it was a mid-season replacement over a decade ago. With the show’s 14th season in full swing, producers are reportedly bringing back a familiar face for its 300th episode. Will Katherine Heigl return as Dr. Isobel Stevens this season?

According to Hello Giggles , Heigl is not returning to the show this season, but her character will be on the 300th episode in spirit. For a little clarity, the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial will be treating patients that remind them of their old friend.  The 300th episode will feature patients from a terrible rollercoaster accident, and one of them looks exactly like Heigl’s Izzie. There are also two other patients that remind the doctors of Christina Yang (Sandra Oh) and George O’Malley (T.R. Knight).

Although it is great to see the show pay homage to its older characters, it’s sad to hear that Heigl and Sandra Oh will not make cameos this season. Heigl was a part of the series until creator Shonda Rhimes wrote her character out of the show in 2010. As fans will recall, doctors found out that Izzie had a brain tumor and subsequently left the hospital after Season 5. At the time, Heigl had allegedly been fighting with Rhimes about her character’s storyline, and their feud led to her character’s dismissal.

According to Digital Spy , Heigl has expressed a desire to return to Grey’s Anatomy in recent years. Unfortunately, Rhimes recently assured fans that she has zero interest in bringing Izzie back and said that she is completely done telling that story. She did, however, admit that she’s thought about bringing the character back but just can’t find a plausible way to make it happen.

The 300th episode will probably be the closest we’ll get to see some our favorite characters return to Grey’s Anatomy . Of course, with the show still going strong , there is still plenty of time to bring at least one of them back before the end. Perhaps the coming episode will open the door for that discussion.

The 300th episode of Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday night on ABC.


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