'Grey's Anatomy' Is Getting A Spin Off Series About Firefighters, Jason George Will Transition To New Show

'Grey's Anatomy' Is Getting A Spin Off Series About Firefighters, Jason George Will Transition To New Show
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It looks like Shondaland will be expanding one final time before creator, Shonda Rhimes, makes her switch over the Netflix. It seems that Grey's Anatomy , Rhimes original contribution to television, which has been running for 14 seasons, is going to get a spinoff.

This spinoff is also going to take place in Seattle and will follow the lives of firefighters. One of the cast members from Grey's, Jason George, has already been slated to make the transition to the new show.

Some think that George's transition makes a whole lot of sense as his character's quick thinking, in the midst of a fire, helped to save a fellow doctor's life in the last season's finale. Speculation was correct as he'll be leaving the mother ship and fighting fires regularly as part of the fire department, which the show will center around.

Due to the shift in the schedule with this being Scandal's final season, ABC execs reportedly went to Rhimes to see if she had one final suggestion for another show before they parted ways.

With Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder , the TGIT lineup could have easily been called Shonda Thursdays. Being the ever creative visionary she is, she suggested this show almost immediately.

This will actually be the second spinoff of Grey's, the first Private Practice , followed Dr. Addison Montgomery's (McDreamy's ex-wife's) journey which ran for 6 seasons before ending.

This new show is set to premiere during the mid-season switch and will delve into the inter-workings of a fire house. It will follow the captain all the way down to the rookies and volunteers as they navigate their careers and the high-intensity reality of saving lives.

There's also no question that there will be plenty of workplace romances as those are a staple in Shondaland.

Jaina Lee Ortiz has been the only other cast member confirmed thus far. If all of Shonda's other shows are any indication, this spin off will be quite the Thursday night treat.


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