Gretchen Rossi Shows Off Her Weight Loss Just 3 Weeks After Welcoming Daughter!

Gretchen Rossi Shows Off Her Weight Loss Just 3 Weeks After Welcoming Daughter!
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It has been only three weeks since Gretchen Rossi gave birth to her baby, Skylar, and she already looks amazing! The Real Housewives of Orange County star took to social media to update her fans on how she’s been doing since bringing the infant into the world via a C-section!

The 40 year old first time mother showed off her incredible body on her IG page, taking her fans by surprise.

It’s only been 21 days since she welcomed her daughter but the reality TV celeb has already lost all that pregnancy weight!

Apparently, she gained no less than 50 pounds and so, going into labor, she was a total of 170 lbs.

The new mother jokingly captioned the clip she shared on Stories with the hashtag: ‘#HotMessExpress.’

Since she underwent a C-section, that means that Gretchen is not allowed to exercise for the first six to eight weeks after the surgery.

But that being said, she still somehow managed to drop her weight down to 145 pounds.

So is it a surprise that people want to know all about the process?

‘Lots of you keep asking about how my recovery is doing and how much weight I’ve lost and all that — it’s 3 weeks to the day…it’s surprising how quickly my actual stomach went down but I’ve definitely got a lot of stuff going on here still here and here [points to her ribcage area.]’ Gretchen says in the video.

The celeb then explains to her followers that she is not on a diet!

In fact, she is hungrier than she has ever been these days, even more than when she was pregnant.

As far as she is concerned, breast-feeding must be why she is burning so many calories.


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