Greta Thunberg Is Surrounded By This Wild Rumor Of… Time Travel

Greta Thunberg Is Surrounded By This Wild Rumor Of… Time Travel
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Greta Thunberg has managed to make a huge splash with her iconic speeches, and she has been enjoying a lot of attention from multiple sides as a result.

Opinions on her have been very divided, with some praising her for her efforts and bravery, while others are claiming that the whole thing reeks of manipulation.

In any case, she certainly does not seem to mind all the attention and has been moving on with her life and activism.

One of the more peculiar rumors that have surfaced recently regarding Thunberg was the implication that she was a time traveler, of all things.

An old photo has surfaced, showing someone who looks very much like Greta, and the picture is apparently over a century old.

The original source of the picture appears to be the University of Washington, where it has been kept in the archives until now.

And while many were quick to mock the new rumor and have even been ridiculing it with memes and other similar activities, others seem actually to be taking the claim seriously.

It is not clear why someone would jump to such a conclusion based on just one photo that does not even show a lot of detail, but that is the Internet for some.

Thunberg herself has not responded to the new rumors, although it is probably fair to assume that she has quite a lot on her plate as it is, and she probably does not feel too enthusiastic about engaging in nonsense discussions.

One person said this to the teen: "I have never in my entire life seen or heard a young lady of your age so mature, so well-grounded, such an incredible leader ( thank dear God this whole world has you to lead us all!), your so extremely articulate, passionate for your/our imperative, urgent cause for life & saving our world & planet!! We are SO enormously blessed to have you as our climate change warrior angel - dedicating all your time right now and your life to fight so very hard!!"

Another backer shared: "Prety smart clever calm experience angelic good mine % clear heart % and high ethics Greta is expensive gift .. Greta is no same .. god bless your step my heart ♥."

The teenager has become a prominent player in the climate change game.

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